Endurance Technologies Inc. (ETI) has a zero-tolerance policy for crime and violation of fundamental human rights of any kind and will be proactive in the prevention of Modern Slavery. 


ETI was founded in 1993 to service the Oil and Gas Industry with a superior EndurAlloy® diffusion alloying technology. EndurAlloy® products and experience is field proven and our Boronized production tubing and casing is recognized by the industry as the premium tubing to combat rod wear, erosion, abrasion, and corrosion issues. We also offer exclusive EndurAlon® technology which allows for the diffusion of aluminum into many different metal substrates (EndurAlizing®). EndurAlon® technology can be found in high temperature and highly corrosive areas of the process industry to fight elevated temperature corrosion, carburization, metal dusting and sulphidization. 

ETI is committed to: 

Contribute to the fight against modern slavery by improving our practices to combat slavery/forced labour or child labour involved in ETI’s supply chain. 


This policy will ensure that: 

  • Identified personnel are aware of, and understand the policy and its purpose 
  • ETI procures all products and services (contractors) from respected sources in an ethical manner 
  • Steps are taken to prevent, reduce and mitigate the risk that forced labour or child labour is used at any step of ETI’s supply chain. 


Child labour means labour or service provided or offered to be provided, in Canada, by persons under the age of 18 years. 

Forced labour means labour or service provided or offered to be provided by a person under circumstances that could reasonably be expected to cause the person to believe their safety, or the safety of a person known to them would be threatened if they failed to provide or offer to provide the labour or service; or constitute forced. 

Production of goods includes the manufacturing, growing, extraction and processing of goods. 

Management Responsibilities: It is the responsibility of ETI Management to ensure that: 

  • There is no modern slavery in ETI’s supply chains or in any part of the business as standard procedures demonstrate the ethical commitment and the integrity of our process implementation. • All reasonable preventative measures are in place in generation of acceptable production of goods. 
  • Ensure that employees are trained in recognizing and responding to questionable situations involving modern slavery. 
  • Knowing the procedure for documenting and reporting, as necessary.