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    Erosion & Wear

Erosion, Abrasion & Rod Wear Protection

Endurance Technologies Inc. supplies field-proven, patented diffusion alloying technology (also known as boronizing or boronized) - ENDURALLOY® - for the Oil and Gas industry and applications requiring superior protection against erosion, abrasion & rod wear.

ENDURALLOY® Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) is a product with a diffusion alloyed case depth, which is 8-10 harder (based on the Knoop or Vickers scale) than steel itself. It is made through diffusion of boron atoms, being in the gas phase, into the steel substrate resulting in formation of a well consolidated iron boride layer providing high integrity and minimal wear of the steel components’ surface that lasts three to ten times longer than regular bare steel production tubing. 

The ENDURALLOY® (boronized) surface layer provides excellent protection of Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) and other components against rotating or stroking rod wear, sliding abrasion and erosion caused by fluids with abrasive particles, friction, corrosion and their combinations causing premature failures of steels and ferrous alloys. While maintaining original drift diameter, and possessing proven wear resistance, ENDURALLOY® (boronized) production tubing dramatically reduces tubing failures to significantly improve well run-time and well profitability.

Endurance Technologies Inc. processes a wide variety of steels and ferrous alloys and types of components for equipment used in the Oil and Gas industry. Other ENDURALLOY® (boronized) products include: Pup joints, casing, blast joints, sucker rod couplings, spool pieces, ESP stages, chokes, valves, fittings, pump (impellers, casing, stuffing boxes), frac nipples,down-hole tools, and many other assets where wear or erosion is a problem.

Technical Benefits:

  • Knoop hardness (HK0.1) 1600-1900 vs. 170-200 of bare steels
  • Withstand elevated temperatures up to 400-450oC (depending on application situation)
  • Stable low coefficient of friction during long friction modes
  • No reduction of tubing ID
  • ISO 9001 certified quality assurance
  • Proven in-field performance (210,000+ joints deployed since 2010)
  • Standard sizes available in 2-3/8”, 2-7/8”, and 3-1/2” (other sizes available upon request)

Common applications:

  • Installed above rod pumps, PCP pumps and ESP pumps
  • Multiple joints in deviated sections of the well-bore where excessive repetitive wear occurs
  • Slant wells, directionally drilled wells and horizontal wells
  • At Co-rod/Pro-Rod Connectors
  • Severe corrosive environments
  • Ideal for “problem” sections