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How It All Began: Endurance Technologies


Since 1993, Endurance Technologies has serviced the Oil and Gas Industry with diffusion alloying technology. EndurAlloy™ boronized products have been field proven over 20 years. Specifically, EndurAlloy™ production tubing and casing is recognized by industry as the premium tubing to combat rod wear, erosion, abrasion and corrosion issues.


Endurance also exclusively provides EndurAlon™ technology which was previously referred to as Alonizing™. EndurAlon™ allows for the diffusion of aluminum into a variety of metal substrates (EndurAlizing™). This technology provides protection to materials exposed to high temperature and highly corrosive environments in the process industry. EndurAlon™ provides a solution to problems related to elevated temperature corrosion, carburization, metal dusting and sulphidation.


Endurance Technologies headquarters are in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with satellite offices and sales support in the Southern U.S. and California. Canadian sales offices provide service to Europe, Middle East, Pacific Rim and South American markets.


Endurance Technologies mission is to provide diffusion alloying solutions to all applications in the global marketplace. This is supported by ongoing aggressive research and development programs and a commitment to operational efficiency, quality and HSE.


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Endurance Technologies Inc. Head Office


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Phone: 403-720-3633

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