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Common Questions About EndurAlloy™ Boronized
Production Tubing and Casing


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What makes Endurance Technologies better than the competition?

It’s simple: We last longer. No other product out there can outlast us in a highly abrasive or corrosive environment. With a hardness of 73-90 Rockwell C equivalent, our tubing can withstand the heaviest wear and corrosion. In areas with well deviations, dog legs, side loading, pump discharge, or high H2S and CO2, our tubing simply lasts longer.


What is EndurAlloy™? How does it work?

EndurAlloy is a thermo-chemical process where boron, one of the hardest* naturally occuring elements on earth, is diffused into the physical metal surface.  It is often referred to as diffusion alloying, pack cementation or chemical vapour deposition (CVD).   *Rockwell C Hardness Scale.


How does EndurAlloy™ Tubing save on down time and money?

Typically, EndurAlloy™ Tubing lasts 3 to 10 times longer than regular steel tubing, depending on various well conditions. The savings you achieve by avoiding your first service rig job and its associated down time will provide an ROI many times over the cost of the EndurAlloy™ tubing itself. In fact, it is common to avoid several rig jobs.


Is EndurAlloy™ a coating?

No. EndurAlloy™ is a diffusion alloying process (boronizing) and is not a coating. Our EndurAlloy™ process deposits boron molecules directly into the substrate of the steel.  Cheap alternatives have coatings and liners with an interface with the host material, which means they can separate.  EndurAlloy™ cannot separate or peel like a coating.


Does EndurAlloy™ Tubing maintain the mechanical properties of J55 Tubing?

Tensile and yield properties of J55 tubing remain within API specs.


How can EndurAlloy™ be both very hard and highly resistant to corrosion?

Once diffusion is alloyed, the new EndurAlloy™ surface is now an alloy that is extremely hard and dense. As an alloyed surface, it is also very resistant to corrosive gases and fluids. We have various test documents to support the corrosion resistance of our product.


Are there any special handling requirements for installing EndurAlloy Tubing?

No. EndurAlloy™ tubing is processed on the inside surface. It can be installed with exactly the same equipment as regular steel tubing.


Can EndurAlloy Tubing also be treated on the external surface?

Special order EndurAlloy™ Tubing can be processed on the external surface for additional corrosion protection or for use as blast joints. However, due to the EndurAlloy™ surface, externally processed tubing has special handling requirements. Contact us and we can share the necessary handling procedures available to run this product.


Can EndurAlloy™ be applied to other products?

The EndurAlloy™ process can be applied to a wide range of equipment used in the oil and gas industry, including: Sucker rod couplings, ESP stages, centrifugal pumps (cases, impellers, stuffing boxes), frac nipples, chokes, valves, fittings, pup joints and many other items where erosion or corrosion are a problem.


What are the turnaround times for EndurAlloy™ products?

Endurance Technologies carries an inventory of EndurAlloy™ Tubing at our Calgary yard as well as yards throughout Saskatchewan (Kindersley and Estevan) and Alberta (Provost, Brooks, Elk Point, Swan Hills, Spruce Grove, Bonnyville and Lloydminster). For special orders (4 ½” and above), turnaround times are 3-5 weeks. Please contact Sales for yard contacts.


Can the EndurAlloy™ surface be machined?

No, the new surface is so hard that it cannot be accurately or efficiently machined after alloying.


Can I weld to an EndurAlloy™ surface?

Yes. Please contact our office for details.


What materials can be processed?

All carbon steels, 410 stainless steel, Ni-Resist, 174ph, cast steel and forged steel. We have other processes that can be used on other materials. Please contact our office with your specific requirements.


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